Search for a quote

Using the quick link buttons on their home page, or the top navigation bar, agents can select ‘Search for a quote’.

Once on the 'Search for a quote' page, the agent simply enters at least one data field relating to the quote that is required and clicks ‘search’.

Please note: The ‘quote reference’ field refers to the Extranet HUB quote reference number, NOT the carrier extranet quote reference number.

 The results are displayed and can be filtered by Complete or Incomplete if required:

The agent can edit the search criteria, or search again, using the blue buttons above the results if the required quote is not displayed in the list of results.

 Once the required quote is visible, the agent clicks on the ‘Go to quote’ button.

They then either resume where they left off with an incomplete quote, or if it is complete, they can proceed to bind the policy.


Watch our quick intro video to see Extranet HUB in action...