Fortnightly releases

Extranet HUB updates are released every fortnight. Please see below for a full release history, which will be updated regularly.

Current priorities

  • Property owners integration with Bspoke Group for all available journeys
  • Standalone Terrorism cover integration with Tristar Special Risks
  • Tradesperson product launch with Commercial Express and Ark Insurance Group

Release 18: 15 January 2024

  • Property owners integration with NBS for unoccupied journeys
  • Improved Extranet HUB login process
  • Removed questions from the Buildings page, as per broker feedback
  • Training materials and support requests available via the Extranet HUB Platform

Release 17: 18 December

  • Fixed intermittent login issue with Modus

Release 16: 04 December 2023

  • Removed 38 questions from our question set, speeding up quote submission time

Wider Launch - Release 15: 20 November 2023

  • Property owners integration with Euna for all available journeys
  • Property owners integration with NBS for commercial occupied & residential occupied journeys

Release 14: 6 November 2023

  • Question set visibility condition updates
  • Trade Description drop down menu updates
  • Accordion progress display updates

Release 13: 23 October 2023

  • Broker trainings site content updates, including additional user guides
  • Environment configuration to enable insurer & MGA testing

Release 12: 9 October 2023

  • Additional default questions for the Property Owners journey
  • UX improvements for the Buildings and quote results pages

Release 11: 25 September 2023

  • Property owners integration with Modus commercial occupied journey
  • UX that highlights to brokers which questions have default values against them

Release 10: 11 September 2023

  • Updated question set to support data capture for multiple units within properties
  • Improved design of market and product selection pages
  • Once logged in, the organisation name of a user displays on the Homepage

Release 9: 29 August 2023

  • Added 'Favourite' flag functionality to the quote results page
  • Improved UX for 'Get Address' lookup
  • Updated Declarations page layout

Release 8: 14 August 2023

  • Email confirmation for password changes and account creation
  • Question set improvements; amended questions for Employers Liability Cover and further updates to the Declarations page

Release 7: 31 July 2023

  • Question set improvements; including a reorganisation of the Declarations page and changes to the address lookup display
  • Security enhancements following a scheduled review

Release 6: 17 July 2023

  • Property owner integration with Commercial Express for commercial unoccupied journey
  • PDF of 'View Scheme Summary' added to quote results page for easy access
  • New field-entry components created, enabling easier and faster completion of question sets
  • Various issues resolved after being flagged by our internal error logging and our Alpha brokers - thank you to the brokers who raised these issues, this feedback is invaluable

Release 5: 03 July 2023

  • Property owner integration with Commercial Express for commercial occupied journey
  • Integration with FreshDesk for support desk ticketing, which can be accessed via
  • Enhanced conditionality rules based on pre-quote journey selections, leading to shorter question set
  • System performance monitoring and error logging enhancements
  • Export of our question set and default logic, enabling brokers to confirm any additional questions that can be defaulted to maximise journey completion speed

Release 4: 19 June 2023

  • Property owner integration with Commercial Express for residential unoccupied journey
  • Completed quotes can be searched for by Policyholder / Quote reference / Trading name / Postcode
  • Carriers can be selected to quote only if broker credentials have been provided
  • Question set improvement and optimisation in several areas
  • Improvement to user experience of selecting items from drop downs
  • Improvement to user experience of selecting postcode during address entry

Release 3: 05 June 2023

  • Automation of broker onboarding process, for seamless and secure access to the product
  • Display extranet Quote Reference IDs and apply additional guidance on the Results page

Release 2: 22 May 2023

  • Question set streamlining, including editable defaulted inputs for maximised completion speed
  • Microsite build, to support onboarding and training
  • Automated test coverage and integration speed improvements, supporting reliable maintenance and delivery

Alpha Launch Release: 09 May 2023

  • Property owners product question set
  • Property owner integrations with Commercial Express for residential occupied journey
  • Secure broker-specific websites and databases
  • Outstanding quotes page
  • Broker admin/super user functions for staff onboarding
  • Intuitive question set validation: one-click incomplete question functionality
  • Quote results page with information from Commercial Express extranets

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