About Extranet HUB

Solving a major industry problem.

A fresh approach to quoting

Extranet HUB is the first open market aggregator, exclusively for commercial insurance brokers. Extranet HUB harnesses the power of technology to replace manual processes, in a fraction of the time, eliminating the need for rekeying.

One question set, multiple quotes

Extranet HUB’s single, dynamic question set enables multiple insurer and MGA markets to be accessed in seconds. Using a simple, intuitive all-of-market question set, the platform replaces the myriad of complex extranets and gives access to quotes from a unique panel.

Easy implementation and onboarding

Extranet HUB is easy to adopt and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, requiring minimal training. Get started generating quotes immediately after setup – without any migrations necessary just straightforward, faster quoting and seamless policy management.

Industry-endorsed, Broker-approved
Gold Winner
InsurTech of the year
Bronze Winner
Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience
InsurTech Award – Platform Commercial Lines 2024
Benefits and features

Great features to save you time and money.

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Brokers spend 75% less time on quotes using Extranet HUB.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits for brokers

Discover the advantages for brokers through our streamlined processes, designed to reduce administration time and save costs. Our research shows that on average brokers are re-keying extranet risk data into 4.6 extranets. By keying only once into Extranet HUB, you can save at least 75% of your risk data entry time, and ensure you provide your customers with the most competitive quotes available. With direct access to a wider market every time you quote, brokers can optimise their insurer and MGA placement strategy, making informed decisions that contribute to efficiency, growth and improved conversion rates. Explore how these benefits can elevate your brokerage operations and drive success.

How does it work?

Extranet HUB is a user-friendly online quote engine, a unique ‘aggregator’ for commercial insurance products. It uses a single dynamic question set and advanced robotics to return commercial quotes from multiple insurer extranets simultaneously, in just seconds. No need for time-consuming and valueless rekeying.

Will it help me deliver for my clients?

Yes. Once the quote process is completed, pricing and policy information is returned in a single presentation, allowing you to instantly compare multiple prices and make the best possible recommendations to your client quickly and easily.

Where does the policy purchase and bind take place?

On the insurer extranet. From the comparison page on Extranet HUB, simply click on your recommended quote and go to the carrier  site to check and bind the policy. Policy management takes place the usual way on the carrier extranet, meaning no process change is required from either brokers or our panel members – you can simply find the most competitive quote for your customer faster!

What does it cost?

All our pricing models are transparent with free, pro and custom plans available. Please see the pricing page for full details

Can I use my own agencies?

Yes. Extranet HUB is an open market solution where you can obtain quotes with panel members you have existing agencies with. If you don't have agencies with any of our panel members, we can facilitate introductions and support you in the agency application process - just let us know!

Who are our partners?

Ultimately our partners are exactly the same as your partners! We work with UK-based insurers and MGAs that have extranets to distribute their products to brokers. We can integrate with insurers and MGAs regardless of their technology stack, even if APIs aren't available, enabling brokers to quickly obtain quotes from a unique panel.

Does it work with my current broker management system?

Yes. Extranet HUB is a standalone platform that does not require any integration or configuration with your existing software house. You can start using Extranet HUB as soon as we set up your account!

Brokers love us...
"As one of the first Brokers to use Extranet HUB, the time-saving benefits can already be seen and with their set-up and support team being so quick and helpful, they're a real breath of fresh air!"

Martin Child at Oakland Insurance Service