Digital distribution for Carriers and MGAs.

An award-winning platform optimising value from your brokers.

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Accelerate your digital distribution.

Extranet HUB is a unique, simple to use and innovative digital 
acceleration tool for brokers. It allows them to access multiple insurer extranets simultaneously, with just one question set, reducing admin time, saving money and delivering them operational efficiencies.

For Insurers and MGA's our rules-based selection processes ensure that you are automatically contacted to quote on every risk in your underwriting appetite, driving sales and increasing use of your extranet.

Increase your brokers use of your extranet
Strengthen broker engagement and business growth
Quote for every risk within your appetite
Optimise your pricing strategy with wider quote data
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What does it cost?

We uniquely do not charge transactions fees for insurers, we charge a small commitment fee and we do all the work.

Do I need to have an agency with every broker

Yes you do.

Does it work with broker policy policy admin system?

Extranet HUB is a standalone platform that does not require any integration or configuration with brokers existing software houses.

Who are our partners?

We work with UK based insurers and MGA's that have extranets or IHP rating platforms to distribute their products to brokers.

What products are on the platform?

Currently live with property owners, tradesman, hospitality, shops, offices, PI, D&O, Cyber, Terrorism all coming soon.