The fastest way to access multiple SME quotes from insurer extranets.

Eliminate rekeying. Save time. Increase revenue.

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About Extranet HUB

Extranet HUB is an award-winning commercial insurance quotation platform, that can be used by any insurance intermediary offering business insurance products.

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Just one dynamic question set allows multiple extranet markets to be accessed in seconds. Providers, cover, documents and prices can be viewed via a comprehensive comparison page.

Enter commercial risk data just once
Reduce time taken by over 75% on average
Optimise your insurer placement strategy
Access a wider market directly
We are winners!
InsurTech of the year
Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience
Trusted by UK our partners

Extranet HUB is packed full of great features to save you time and money.

A unique panel

We can integrate with insurers and MGAs regardless of their technology stack. Even if APIs aren't available, we can accurate populate and create quotes on extranets. This means brokers brokers can save time and money, easily finding the most competitive quote from panel members not available on other broker systems.

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No rekeying

Return multiple quote results simultaneously after filling in one question set. Save time and money by quickly finding the most competitive and suitable quote for your client. Easily navigate from our results page to find each quote on the panel member's extranet.

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No change in process for brokers, insurers or MGAs

Extranet HUB is a new business quote platform you can instantly start using. Brokers can get quotes from the panel members they have agencies with. Bind, policy management and renewals takes place on the extranets as usual. Brokers can use the back office systems you have already in place as standard. There is no need for brokers or panel members to change their already existing software to use Extranet HUB.

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Streamlined question set

Our question set has built in conditional logic, so you only see the questions relevant to the risk profile being entered. We have also worked with our Alpha Brokers and added defaults, so staff can submit quotes as quickly as possible. These defaults are clearly highlighted and can be changed depending on the needs of the client.

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Easy to use quote platform

Simplicity and ease of use is at the heart of what we do. You can easily navigate the platform and start new quotes, pick up where you left off and find quotes you generated previously.

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Dedicated support function and training resources

We have a quick and responsive support team, with a clear and transparent Service Level Agreement in place for paying customers. It's also easy to access our training resources within the platform, and contact your dedicated account manager if you have any questions.

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Fortnightly releases

We deploy new features every two weeks and we have development roadmap covering a multitude of high volume and specialist product types. Our release notes are always accessible via the platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Question not on the list? Contact us today

Frequently asked questions

Question not on the list? Contact us today
What are the benefits for brokers

Discover the advantages for brokers through our streamlined processes, designed to reduce administration time and save costs. With direct access to a wider market every time you quote, brokers can optimise their insurer placement strategy, making informed decisions that contribute to efficiency, growth, and improved conversion rates. Explore how these benefits can elevate your brokerage operations and drive success.

What are the benefits for carriers?

Unlock the potential benefits for carriers with our tailored solutions. Elevate the utilisation and return on investment (ROI) of your extranet, ensuring a seamless and productive experience. By providing more quotes that align with your risk appetite, carriers can enhance their offerings and meet the specific needs of the market. Access meaningful data to refine broker-driven business strategies, driving efficiency and fostering growth, all with minimal investment. Explore how these advantages can empower carriers to thrive in the competitive landscape.

How does it work?

Extranet HUB is a user-friendly web-based quotation engine that uses a single question set to retrieve multiple SME commercial quotes from insurer extranets, saving huge amounts of time and effort rekeying!

What does it cost?

Extranet HUB is available for £1 per quote/risk inputted. A nominal license fee per user also applies, which varies depending on the number of users.

Can I use my own agencies?

Yes, with Extranet HUB you use your own agencies.

Who are our partners?

Ultimately our partners are exactly the same as your partners! We work with UK-based insurers and MGAs that have extranets to distribute their products to brokers. Aside from the flexibility of using the extranet of your choice, we can integrate your own embedded schemes within the quote process to further eliminate the need for rekeying, while optimising your market engagement and quote returns.

Does it work with my current broker management system?

Extranet HUB is a standalone platform that does not require any integration or configuration with your existing software house.